Watch TV TV channels live on your PC 9 April 2011

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Watch TV - Live IP televisionGet
4000 Online TV stations from your laptop.
No need of of a television hardware. 100% legal – no monthly fee needed.

Watch TV shows online anywhere. All you need is
our IP TV software,
your computer, and online connection.

Internet TV news is used primarily for major stories and local events. The foreign bureaus have been
cut back for some time now, and the major news networks are relying mostly on ‘stringers’ for their foreign coverage.
Live TV news is not a revenue making product for TV and is not expected to
improve any time soon. Revenue trumps news, especially in todays competitive and down market due to the economy.

Whether you connected from office to watch CNN, BBC or another news streaming station’s live stream of a campaign
event or you watched it on some other device such as your cellular phone or iPOD, you were able to stay on top of current news
with the help of Online IP TV and online webcasts.

It’s not hard to find a controversial episode of Wizards of Waverly Place
up and running the next day. No longer is there an excuse to miss your favourite television shows!
Online Television changes the way we watch Television.


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